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Videos are not only about beauty and professionalism, but about the message they are delivering. This is what separates real powerful and unique visuals from just making videos. I call this redefined visuals. My task is to tell your story the best way I can to help people understand your purpose and vision.

What is yours? Let’s tell the world!


Services: Conceptualization, Filming, Post Production

Conceptualization and Production

​This stage involves developing the concept for the video and planning the production process. It may involve brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, casting, location scouting, and other pre-production tasks. 


​The creative vision for the video is brought to life through the use of cameras, lighting, sound, and other equipment. This stage may involve capturing footage on location, in a studio, or both, depending on the nature of the project.

Post Production

​Post-production involves editing the raw footage into a final, polished video. This stage includes tasks such as video and audio editing, color grading, adding special effects, and creating titles and other graphics.

Latest Work

Latest work

Client: Scheiffele-Schmiederer KG

In early 2021 Scheiffele-Schmiederer KG, a medium-sized business with over 200 employees and approx. 50 million annual turnover that is operating in the wood industry, approached me, asking for a corporate image video that would introduce their all-new headquarters in Gundremmingen in the very south of Germany.

Client: solarbakery GmbH

After Simon Zimmermann (co-founder solarbakery) told me about his start-up idea of a sustainable portable solar bakery the first time, I was completely hooked. As I already worked with him on a video for his NGO Ya Bana, I was looking forward to helping him make this world a better place. The crowdfunding campaign raised over 500.000 € in funding capital.

Client: Kadie 

An acquainted director asked me if I would be up to film a music video for an upcoming artist from Munich, Kadie. After two long days and a night of filming, we spent 3 days working on the final cut in post-production. To date, the song has had 85 000 listeners.

Client: Siemens AG

Video on one of their new Speed-Dating events where Siemens wants to get into touch about different innovation topics with various players in the industry. The Video was published to 5.5 Million people on the official LinkdIN channel of Siemens.

Client: Essity

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company that is breaking barriers to well-being. In November 2022 seven Start Ups were invited to Munich to jointly co-create the future of health and hygiene in collaboration with Essity. With an action-focused mindset, squads worked on innovative business models and pilot concepts over the 3-day event. Each of the three winning Start Ups was awarded a minimum of 15.000€.

Client: Autohaus Joas

In March 2021, I got asked by Autohaus Joas to film a commercial to introduce the all new BMW M3 and M4. After a whole day of shooting and being in awe of the power those two beasts unleash two days were needed to perfect the video in post production. The video attracted about 10 000 viewers on the facebook channel of Autohaus Joas in the first 48 hours after publish.

Client: Kreatives Unternehmertum

Early in June 2022 KU´s first „Strassenschau“ after three years of Covid took place. Together we visited five different cities in three different countries spending 18 hours in train travelling every day to another city. In Zürich, Vandans, Munich, Leipzig and Hamburg 18 different experts talked about how to practice business in the most sustainable way.

Client: Kreatives Unternehmertum

As every summer since 2016 Kreatives Unternehmertum organizes a congress about how to make business more sustainable and more conscious in regard to our holistic environment. In 2019 the topic was “Capable to resonate?”.

Client: Filmcrew//vonMorgen

In 2022 vonMorgen organized their second Pallas Gathering. The hybrid event is all about the future of humanity. Speakers like Markus Lanz, Harald Lesch, Hansi Flick, Vivienne Ming, John Demartini and many more talk about Learning, Mindset, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and how to tackle those topics.

Konstantin Nergert: About me

About me

Hi, my name is Konstantin Nergert, a freelance videographer and Director of Photography based in Munich, with over four years of experience serving clients worldwide. Alongside my studies in Business Administration at the LMU Munich, I have devoted my passion for creative storytelling to crafting videos for businesses, individuals, and brands.

My fascination with film began at a young age, and I started creating my own stop-motion animation videos at the age of ten. Since then, I have honed my skills and expertise, working with a diverse range of clients. My business acumen enables me to understand my clients’ problems and challenges, allowing me to provide the most effective and creative solutions.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life!

Testimonials of satisfied customers


Great collaboration! Starting with a rough idea, Konstantin helped us to further develop the concept by frequently giving professional feedback and ultimately turn it into an outstanding video. We look forward to our next joint project!

Felix Sievers


Thanks for the energetic support to Konstantin and his team.
The videos turned out great and capture the energy and results of the event super!
We are already looking forward to a joint follow-up project!

Kai Thornagel

Essity GmbH

Wow, Konsti, you're a genius. This video is amazing!

Simon Zimmermann

Solarbakery GmbH

Manuel Mandel


Brands I worked with

Brands I worked with

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Behind the scenes

Frequently Asked Questions about Filming

Frequently asked questions

Cost of video and film Price of video production

When it comes to the cost of video production, there are many factors that come into play. The price of a video project will depend on various details such as the complexity of the video concept, the resources needed to bring that concept to life, and the level of expertise required to execute the project effectively. Because of this, I don't rely on pre-set pricing sheets or video production cost calculators to provide quotes. Instead, I work closely with each customer to identify their unique needs and goals, and then tailor a video production plan that fits their specific requirements and budget. By taking the time to fully understand the customer's vision for their video and the resources required to bring that vision to life, I can provide an individualized quote that accurately reflects the scope and complexity of the project. This allows me to deliver a high-quality video that meets the customer's expectations and achieves their desired outcome, all while staying within their budget constraints.

Importance of a corporate image video

Corporate videos are an essential tool for shaping the way people perceive your company. By showcasing what your company can do, the values it represents, and what makes it unique, corporate videos offer an effective way to build your brand, shape your organizational culture, and connect with audiences on an emotional level. Through the power of visual storytelling, corporate videos provide a compelling and engaging way to communicate your company's message, increase brand awareness, and drive business results.

Importance of a crowdfunding video

A well-crafted video is essential for any crowdfunding campaign, as most crowdfunding platforms require a video as part of the campaign submission process. The quality of this video can significantly impact how your start-up is perceived by potential investors. A well-conceptualized video enables you to showcase your business idea and its potential in a short amount of time, effectively communicating why your company is worth investing in. By leveraging the emotional power of visual storytelling, a high-quality video allows potential investors to empathize with your company and remain engaged throughout the video, which can greatly increase the probability of securing enough investment funds. Without a comprehensive and emotionally resonant video, your start-up may struggle to stand out from the competition and achieve its crowdfunding goals.

Cutter, editor, filming, cameraman

Absolutely! While I do work on full-scale video production projects, I am also available to offer my skills and expertise for individual filming, editing, production or cutting tasks. Whether you need assistance with capturing footage, crafting a compelling narrative, or polishing existing content, I am happy to discuss how I can help bring your vision to life.

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